Software Engineering

The future is software, everything is turning into a program. Think about cars, they used to be a chassis with an engine but now they are nothing without their engine control unit  counterparts. They were programmed with simple codes back in the day and today, they are so complex that a mechanic can not diagnose a car anymore without reading codes. With the invention of self driving cars, the future is clearly computers. As a result, we offer software engineering services to businesses and individuals. 
At Calculated Dimensions, we employ some of the brightest software engineers who love what they do. They coded all kinds of apps and softwares for various systems whether it is a simple phone app or a flight simulator control program. We specialize in most programming languages so if there is a specific one you need help with, we can figure it out. The most common ones we use are;
  • Python
  • Java
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • Swift
If the language you wish to have help with is not in the list above, contact us and we will see if we can do something for you. Programming is very important in our day and age since a lot of automation is possible due to programmers. Circuit boards are typically used to emulate a certain behavior from a device but this is now changing as more and more professionals are turning towards codes as they are cheaper and more efficient than electronic parts. Think about it, what’s not going to be programmable in the future? We already have basic household appliances that are computerized such as fridges and stoves. It’s only a matter of time before every household has a built in computer onto their fridges as they become more economically feasible and readily available. Speaking of appliances, we also offer custom PCB designs in case you need your code to be implemented on a physical object.
girl programmingLet us help you code your project as part of our software engineering services. We can support your design’s automation controls or simply code an app from scratch. Android and Iphone apps are not an issue for us as they are programmed using Java and Swift respectively. We have phone app experts on our team for handheld applications. For computer related operations, our qualified software engineers can set you up with a beautifully integrated system with full training on how to handle the system on your own. We would never let a customer clueless on how his project works, we will be there for you for any questions you may have. You can let us know on the form on the right for the type of programming you need help with and we will get back with you with an estimate. For most real life scenarios, object oriented programming is the best option but if you’d like us to do something more specific such as dynamic, R or functional programming, we can certainly accommodate your needs.
After you submit your proposal on the right, we will pass it on to our software engineers then shortly give you an estimate either through the phone or email. 

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