soldering engineering
We offer engineering services to businesses and individuals all over the world, though most of our clients are in Canada since we are based in Toronto with a branch in Montreal. We are about 10-15 engineers and professionals with countless partners from various industries all over the globe. We can pretty much tackle any engineering problem whatsoever whether it is mechanical, industrial, electrical, software, civil or structural. Engineering is at the core of our company and our hearts. We are passionate and driven by innovation, invention and sustainability.
At Calculated Dimensions, we offer engineering services of the following types;
We have dedicated teams and partners towards each type. We organized our company in a way that if your electrical project has some mechanical aspect to it, we can streamline it through our mechanical department without affecting the timeline. This makes us capable of handling pretty much any engineering related project as we have the tools and staff to deal with it. Moreover, we will also guarantee the full functional capability of your product as well. In other words, If there is any problems with testing, we will take it back to fix it. We test your project at our facilities before shipping them so that we are sure that it works. However in some cases, the testing is done at our client’s place. Pictures and videos are sometimes used for documentation purposes but kept strictly confidential.
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