Electrical Engineering

We also provide electrical engineering services which include the design of printed circuit boards (PCB) and the actual printing of them. Our electrical engineers are specialized in circuitry design, troubleshooting electronic schematics, assembling and installing PCB softwares. All our electronic technicians make sure to follow the Canadian Electrical Code (CSA C22) on all our electrical projects. It is important to follow such codes as we can not allow non-conformed devices to enter the market unless it’s for personal use only. We try to focus on electronics and devices but in some cases, we might do site checkup too for work on things like electric panels, wiring and troubleshooting. Likewise, our employees from the architectural department may do onsite checkups too. One of the most important task in working with electronics is cable management which is something that’s often overlooked but can be so critical in terms of long term maintenance. For many prototypes, we use Arduino as it is a good option for an integrated development environment and for final product, something more robust like programmable logic controllers (PLC) can be used. 
For PCB design, we use
Diptrace, Fritzing or Autodesk EAGLE. These are the top of the line circuit design softwares in the field. For your prototypes, we can etch the actual circuit board for your application using several etching solutions which may comprise of hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, Ferric Chloride, cupric chloride, alkaline ammonia and sulfuric acid.

electrical circuit board PCB

Electronic circuitry is the heart of any electronic device, it connects all the important components with each other and provides a combined function of the system. Make sure you choose a professional like us to power up your circuit as any flaw in the circuit board can be troublesome afterwards but don’t worry our electrical engineers are really good at troubleshooting too so you can call us at (437) 225-9493 to take a look at any of your electrical problems. We will be happy to help with any electrical engineering services you may need.
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