building plansAt Calculated Dimensions, we have a department of civil and building engineering services. Our engineers are always eager to work on new designs to bring new innovations to the market. In addition, we employ the use of various softwares such as AutoCad, Revit and Autodesk to conceptualize your ideas. Our professionals are certified to stamp any required approvals to your drawings. This means that we can accept governmental projects as well as residential. Once we receive your submission, our architects take a look to see if everything makes sense. They will then start designing it through Chief Architect. Furthermore, the civil department does a structural check to make sure everything is doable in the engineering side of things. Depending on what you need, our experts can either plan out the whole construction process or just design the plan for you.
Moreover, interior design can be part of the design process too. Different types of building materials is suggested and an evaluation of costs according to each building option is given. For the actual construction process, we can help you make good decisions and lower your costs by recommending you to our construction partners. They will be happy to work with you. We can help you with custom interior objects and even manufacture them for you as well. Such objects may include railings, statues, decor, or any other ornaments that you would like personalized differently. 
For every building material we will recommend, we will also guide your way on where to get them and how to use it properly. Every plan we conceptualize has to come with an ingredients list too. Furthermore, this list can be variable according to your budget. Proper use of the ingredients is known to us by computational analysis. Coupled with structural analysis, we can find out all the stress as well as stable points of the system. Thus providing you with all the data for your own analysis too.
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts (HVAC) are also design able using Design Master HVAC, a feature integrated in AutoCad. Therefore, we offer HVAC layout services which include mapping, desiging and installation. Fitting is done through our partners however, we do employ a specialized employee. He may be sent for onsite approvals for special cases. Our HVAC technician makes sure all ducts are properly placed as to assure acceptable indoor air quality. A proper HVAC system will have good temperature, moisture and oxygen control. Thereby also removing other airborne contaminants such as smoke, odors, bacteria and dust
civil drawingFrom design plans to choice of building materials, we will make sure you are on the right path towards the completion of your structural projects through our building engineering services whether it is residential or commercial. We also make sure you respect all norms and building codes. Calculated Dimensions will guarantee it. If you simply need a 2D or a 3D model of your architectural idea, we can happily design that for you as well. 
We specialize in landscape, interior, modern and even religious architectures so feel free to hit us up with pretty much any type of architectural ideas. We are able to apply our engineering skills outdoors just as effectively as indoors. Landscape engineering involves designs of parks, recreational areas and any other type of public spaces. Most often, it is for when a desired outcome such as visual aesthetic or some kind of structural support is needed. We do this with the help of Landscaping-Montreal. They have an excellent team of landscapers always ready to tackle any type of job.
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