About Us

Calculated Dimensions Inc. is an engineering consulting company started by Concordia University graduates in Montreal, Canada in 2018. Now, 2 years later, we have 2 branches, one in Toronto and one in Montreal serving a dozen of clients all over Canada. Armed with a team who have PhD’s, Master’s and Bachelor’s in various types of engineering, our vision is now unstoppable and goes way beyond standard engineering. In fact, we are building a future which is dependable and renewable so the engineers and professionals of the future can say with pride that they are proud of the engineered technologies that they are a part of.
Mustafa is Mechanical & Aerospace Engineer enrolled in EIT graduated from Concordia University. Mustafa also holds a Mechanical Engineering Design advanced diploma from Centennial College specialized in manufacturing. While he was at college Mustafa served the Canadian Forces as a Combat Engineer. His experience and passion toward engineering innovation has allowed him to create outstanding ideas and skills to move toward green energy and technology.
Armed with a bachelor of mechanical engineering and specialized in manufacturing and design, Gary has successfully executed many design projects such as a hydroelectric generator, gyroscope, stirling engine and many more. He also has deep knowledge of manufacturing processes and experience to turn these designs into reality. Gary is always striving to do more as he loves learning and going deep into what he’s doing. He has worked with workshop equipment too and has welding experience to do any kind of assembly. He has also had experience working with electronics including the design of PCB boards. Despite his engineering experience, he loves marketing and steers the direction of the company.

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