Engineering Implementation from A to Z

    Do you have a project idea in mind but never had the time or the resources to dedicate to it?
    At Calculated Dimensions, we are a growing team of engineers and technicians who are passionate about engineering and strive to help new creators and businesses bring new innovations to life. We all know how engineering mistakes can cost us financially and time wise so this is why at Calculated Dimensions we have partnered up with certified professionals in many different fields so that your final prototype can have a high probability of success. This is how we can guarantee you that your prototype or your final product will work as intended. No more trial and error, let us handle your project. We will be your favorite engineering consultant company.
    Our engineers and technicians are proficient in various fields and below are some of the type of work we do.
    In the past, having your idea turned into creation used to be a thing for the elites and people with specialized knowledge. Now, everyone can have access to information through the internet and start a business with limited knowledge in that area. Even your local Uber driver can finally turn his phone app idea into a live prototype through our services. We will make sure, all information of the design process is transparent to him so that if he ever learns how to code, he can tweak his app in the future as he wishes. All the time and resources he would have spent on learning to design an app himself would have been very frustrating.
    Once we receive a proposal from you, we will start by analyzing it to see if it’s going to be achievable the way you want it to be and if it’s not, we might suggest other alternatives. Usually a project can be done through many ways and each will have a different price. We will try our best to give you a broad range of options so that the decision you take can be according to your budget.
    As we have qualified engineers from various industries, we can assure you a working prototype that will satisfy all your needs. That is our job as engineering consultants. If you believe you are ready for manufacturing your prototype to a full commercial scale, we will work on getting you an ideal industrial setting with a full breakdown of all costs of each part of your product. Our job is to work with you till the end, until you get your final product the way you want it to be.


    We understand the importance of confidentiality of our client’s projects so we make to respect that by not sharing project info online or oversharing to third party companies. The only company who will know the process of creation from A to Z will be us. You have our word for it.
    Most of our clients are startups who don’t have an engineering department of their own. However, we have experience in working with many other bigger companies who just don’t want to invest too much in research and development so they let experts in that respective field to handle it for them. This is especially true for companies who are trying to diversify into another domain and don’t have the required staff for that field. This is where we come in as an engineering consultant, we take care of the gaps in knowledge. 
    Most of the time, clients want us to work on a specific part of their project so we usually do not have access to the whole plan. That is completely fine with us, as companies have their own staff to deal with the main assemblies of their plans. Our job could be as simple as helping you print a 3D component or as complex as designing a turbine blade. Rest assured, every task and cost is documented for you to analyze at the end. We want to make sure that your product performs as intended so we might ask you a lot of questions at first to fully understand your needs. Once everything is clear, you could expect your project to be delivered within an allocated time slot that we give you. We serve clients all over North America, however we are open to do business with international clients as well. 
    Tell us a little bit about your project idea on the contact form to the right. You can upload a file or a picture that provides a clearer picture of your plans. We will take a close look at it and then contact you for further questions then if everything is mutually clear, we start right away. It’s as simple as that. You can also call us at (437) 225-9493 to talk to us directly at our branch in Toronto or Montreal.  If you live in a different timezone as Toronto then we suggest that you send us an email through the form instead. Our opening hours are located at the bottom of the page.
    We will try our best to answer you within 24 hours, and if you did not receive an answer from us electronically, make sure to call us to let us know so that we can sort it out. If you need to contact us directly at our email, you can do that at as the contact form does not accept all file types. Let us be your go to engineering consultant.
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